01 June 2018: The Knutz & Gruftschlampen in Berlin

On 1st June 2018, THE KNUTZ from Brazil played once again in Berlin. Just as two years ago, they were supported by GRUFTSCHLAMPEN.

GRUFTSCHLAMPEN showed once omre their brilliant quirky dark-theatre-punk. Singer Brita left the stage very soon to sind in the midst of the first rows of the audience. This band is always fun!

The KNUTZ only came as a duo this time, consisting of Daniel (guitars/Vox) and Airton (drums) which didn’t make the show rock any less. And just as usual vocal support was provided by Ludmila. A sympathetic band with great music.

Conclusion: 2 great bands, nice club (although with a bit to little light), and some nice conversation as well 😉 More!


Video Playlist (4 Videos):


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Updated: Sunday June 24th, 2018 — 14:02