Cold Insanity Festival – 2012-2014


COLD INSANITY FESTIVAL: End after 3 great events

The COLD INSANITY FESTIVAL, in collaboration with DESPERATE SOCIETY, brought you top bands for a reasonable price into the Frankfurt club “Das Bett” in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

The Story:
The original plan in 2012 was to have the festival in Nuremberg, and we wanted to raise 2,400 € until the end of August 2012 to cover about 75% of the total costs.
Since we didn’t reach this goal, the next thing would have been a total cancellation of the festival, until we received a very generous offer to add a part of “our” bands to the lineup of CHAMELEONS VOX and VENDEMMIAN in Frankfurt and make our tickets valid for this event.

This offer was accepted by most of the people who bought tickets, and the result was a phenomenal night in the sold-out “Bett” with top bands, a great crowd and the mutual demand to repeat this collaboration in the following year.

So, on 30 November 2013, SKELETAL FAMILY, THE ESSENCE, STILL PATIENT? and KISS THE ANUS OF A BLACK CAT did great shows and, in spite of a somewhat smaller audience, made a great party in the “Bett”.

On 29 November 2014, the third festival boasted yet aanother great lineup of ESCAPE WITH ROMEO, WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW, MURDER AT THE REGISTRY and DEAD EYES OPENED.

Unfortunately, poor attendance resulted in losses at the last two festivals, so we were faced with the choice of either booking other bands than those we want or to raise the entry price significantly, both of which we didn’t want. So we deciced not to do another festival.