23 May 2020: World Goth Day Stream

23.05.2020: World Goth Day Stream

To celebrate World Goth Day in these difficult times, we are doing a live stream event that spans the world and is wrapped around GOTHICAT FESTIVAL #3 so you won’t have to miss that one!

We have 28 DJs from 11 countries providing you with a total of sixteen and a half hours of music to dance to at home!

Additionally, we are raising funds for the International Red Cross to support the battle against the corona virus.

Event on Twitch:

Facebook Event

The timetable with different timezones

WGD Stream Timetable(click for full size)

The DJs

WGD Stream DJs(click for full size)

Meet the DJs!


Press Kit

Press Kit (ZIP with flyers, photos and text) for download (ZIP, 3.95 MB)


Datum/Zeit: Saturday, 23.05.2020 - Sunday, 24.05.2020, 13:00 - 05:30

Veranstaltungsort: Online-Event • Online • ---

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