7th November 2020: Light It Black Livestream

07.11.2020: Light It Black Livestream

The arts and culture industries are suffering.

Venues worldwide are facing an uncertain future due to Covid 19 and thousand of companies that work behind the scenes of those events we love have already gone under or face terrible prospects unless something is done to offer more support by our respective governments and those with the power to do something to help.
Tens of thousands of people are without work and may be forced to retrain after years of learning their craft and honing skills that we rely on without even thinking about it.

Following the worldwide ‘Light it Red’ events to draw attention to this cause we present the goth equivalent, ‘Light it Black’, 19 hours of goth, post punk, and related dark genres from 27 worldwide DJs.

We aim to use this event to raise awareness and encourage support, whether that be raising funds for venues that are on the verge of closing, or simply asking people to sign and share petitions to ask those in power to do more to help those in need. We understand fully that we may not be able to change the world, but feel that we cannot simply stand by and do nothing.

Please share this event, invite people, join us in lending your support to those that have done so much for us over the years, let them know that we care.

From Friday, 7th November 2020 12:00 until Saturday, 8th November 2020 07:00 (CET).

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Saturday, 7 November 2020
12:00 DJ Spooky Shaz (Australia)
12:45 DJ Poisondwarf (Australia)
13:30 DJ nAo12xu (Japan)
14:15 DJ Woodraf (Poland)
15:00 DJ Jonny Slut (ex-Specimen, UK)
15:45 DJ Caroline Carnivorous (Norway)
16:30 DJ Cyberpagan (Germany)
17:15 DJ Cavey Nik (UK)
18:00 DJ Mortasha Kinski (UK/Australia)
18:45 DJ Polina Y (Belgium)
19:30 DJ Blackdeath1334 (UK)
20:15 DJ martin oldgoth (UK)
21:00 DJ HATEMior (Canada)
21:45 DJs Marlen & Thomas (Geisterwelt Nights, Germany)
23:00 DJs Naggaroth & Gomez (Dead Souls Gothic Lounge, USA)
23:45 DJs Detra & Mary Millions (The Sisters of Mondays, USA)
Sonntag, 8. November 2020
01:00 DJs Xiled Radio (USA)
01:45 DJ Sean Templar (USA)
02:30 DJ Rickbats (USA)
03:15 DJs William Faith & Scary Lady Sarah (The Pirate Twins, USA)
04:30 DJ Davey Bones & DJ Adrienne Scissorhands (USA)
05:45 DJ Dave Bats (USA)
06:30 DJ Miz Margo (USA)


Datum/Zeit: Saturday, 07.11.2020 - Sunday, 08.11.2020, 12:00 - 07:15

Veranstaltungsort: Light It Black Twitch • https://www.twitch.tv/lightitblack • ---

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