12 July 2018: Theatre of Hate & Dystopian Society in Berlin

12.07.2018: Theatre of Hate & Dystopian Society in Berlin

A Post Punk legend played at Berlin’s WILD AT HEART on 12th July 2018: A lot of you will know songs like “Do You Believe in the Westworld” from the clubs – of course I’m talking about THEATRE OF HATE.

The Thursday night was opened by DYSOTPIAN SOCIETY. The Italians did a great job warming up the well-filled club in summerly temperatures.

THEATRE OF HATE started a fireworks of well-known and more obscure songs, and the audience was going mad. Meanwhile, the club itself transformed into a sauna 😉

Unfortunately I couldn’t take the following day off and hat to get up at 05:30 to go back from Berlin and straight to work, so I couldn’t stay for the after-show party.

Conclusion: Gigs in another city during the week are tough but possible. And in this case the trip was well worth it!


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