7-10 June 2019: 28th Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2019 in Leipzig

Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig

Just like every year the WGT will take place in Leipzig at the Whitsun weekend. Here the bands I recommend that will be there this year, including a Youtube playlist to give them a listen.

Friday, 7th June

16:30 Pleasure Symbols (AU)
19:10 Automelodi (CA)
20:40 Tempers (US)
22:10 Hante. (FR)
17:50 October Burns Black (UK/DE/NO/US)
19:10 Golden Apes (DE)
20:40 Gitane Demone Quartet (US)
22:20 UK Decay (UK)
Volkspalast Kuppelhalle
22:30 King Dude (US)
23:10 La Scaltra (DE)
22:40 The Church (AU) (cancelled because the drummer broke his foot)
00:35 White Lies (UK)

Saturday, 8th June

16:30 Dystopian Society (IT)
17:50 Murder at the Registry (DE)
19:10 The Bellwether Syndicate (US)
20:40 Inkubus Sukkubus (UK)
22:20 Shadow Project 1334 (US)
18:20 Double Echo (UK)
21:00 Selofan (GR)
22:30 Light Asylum (US)
Haus Leipzig
22:40 Fehlfarben (DE)
22:35 Nitzer Ebb (UK)
00:55 New Model Army (UK)

Sunday, 9th June

Volkspalast Kuppelhalle
15:30 Creux Lies (US)
17:40 Vowws (AU)
19:50 In2theSound (DE/NL/UK)
22:20 The Soft Moon (US)
Volkspalast Kantine
16:35 Bragolin (NL)
18:45 Kælan Mikla (IS)
21:15 Cold Showers (US)
17:00 Tamaryn (US)
18:20 Henric de la Cour (SE)
19:40 Laura Carbone (DE)
Haus Leipzig
19:40 Parade Ground (BE)
21:00 The Cassandra Complex (UK)
22:30 Cat Rapes Dog (SE)
22:00 She Pleasures Herself (PT)
22:25 London After Midnight (US)

Monday, 10th June

Volkspalast Kantine
16:00 Imperial Black Unit (FR)
16:30 Ground Nero (BE)
17:50 Autumn (US)
19:20 Lene Lovich Band (UK)
21:00 Escape With Romeo (DE)
Haus Leipzig
17:00 Geometric Vision (IT)
18:20 A Slice of Life (BE)
19:40 Human Tetris (RU)
21:00 The Foreign Resort (DK)
22:40 Sad Lovers and Giants (UK)
17:30 Hackedepiciotto (DE/US)
21:30 Psyche (CA)
Volkspalast Kuppelhalle
21:45 Tangerine Dream (DE)
22:30 The Adicts (UK)

My planned schedule is marked red.

Video Playlist (52 videos):

More information about WGT: wave-gotik-treffen.de
Facebook Event

Datum/Zeit: Friday, 07.06.2019 - Monday, 10.06.2019, Ganztägig

Veranstaltungsort: Leipzig • in der Stadt verteilt • Leipzig

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