09 June 2018: Fehlfarben in Braunschweig

09.06.2018: Fehlfarben in Braunschweig

On 9th June 2018 the festival “Theaterformen” which takes place in Braunschweig every two years presented FEHLFARBEN on a stage in the Theaterpark near the river Oker.

The band was on tour with their 1980 album “Monarchie und Alltag” which was played in its entirety. In front of a rather big crowd they celebrated their songs somewhere between Punk and Pop that even after almost 40 years still don’t sound old. And all this for free – great!

So let’s see what surprises the next Festival Theaterformen will have in stock!


Video Playlist (3 Videos):


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Updated: Wednesday June 27th, 2018 — 21:47