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Here I list all the gigs I have visited – with the search field the list can be filtered by a band, and in the events the title is linked to the respective photo gallery.

911 Bands, 503 Events

Top 10

  1. Frank the Baptist (20)
  2. The Last Cry (19)
  3. Golden Apes (17)
  4. Twisted Nerve (15)
  5. Bloody Dead and Sexy (14)
  6. The Cold (13)
  7. Skeletal Family (13)
  8. Whispering Sons (12)
  9. Aeon Sable (12)
  10. The Last Days of Jesus (11)

Event list for Love Like Blood

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09/06/2011 - 13/06/2011
09/06/2011, Agra (Leipzig): Age of Heaven, Das Ich, Henke spielt Goethes Erben, Love Like Blood, Sweet William
10/06/2011, Felsenkeller (Leipzig): Lotus Feed, Merciful Nuns, Soror Dolorosa, The March Violets, UNI_FORM
11/06/2011, Anker (Leipzig): Kunst als Strafe, N.U. Unruh
11/06/2011, Parkbühne (Leipzig): The Cold
11/06/2011, Werk 2 (Leipzig): Cinema Strange, Squishy Squid, The Cemetary Girlz, The Damned, The Last Days of Jesus
12/06/2011, Agra (Leipzig): Fields of the Nephilim, Killing Joke, Nosferatu, Recoil, Ulterior
13/06/2011, Parkbühne (Leipzig): Mephisto Walz, Midnight Caine, Neon Kross, Soul in Isolation
21/12/1991, Markthalle (Hamburg): Love Like Blood, The Fair Sex, The Marionettes, The Rose of Avalanche
Love Like Blood in Hildesheim
05/06/1991, Vier Linden (Hildesheim): Love Like Blood, Revenge of Nephthys