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Here I list all the gigs I have visited – with the search field the list can be filtered by a band, and in the events the title is linked to the respective photo gallery.

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Top 10

  1. Frank the Baptist (20)
  2. The Last Cry (19)
  3. Golden Apes (18)
  4. Twisted Nerve (15)
  5. Bloody Dead and Sexy (15)
  6. Skeletal Family (13)
  7. The Cold (13)
  8. Traitrs (12)
  9. Aeon Sable (12)
  10. Whispering Sons (12)

Event list for Madre del Vizio

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Apocalyptic Factory Festival
26/08/2011 - 27/08/2011
26/08/2011, JUZ (Mannheim): H|Insane, Madre del Vizio
27/08/2011, JUZ (Mannheim): Guerre Froide, Holy Madness, Novva Falla, Paranoid Android
21/05/2010 - 24/05/2010
21/05/2010, Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik (Leipzig): Monozid, Red Zebra, Siiiii
21/05/2010, Volkspalast (Leipzig): Mona Mur & En Esch
22/05/2010, Felsenkeller (Leipzig): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Christ vs. Warhol, Los Carniceros del Norte, Madre del Vizio, Sex Gang Children, The Bollock Brothers, Twisted Nerve
22/05/2010, Werk 2 (Leipzig): Gene Loves Jezebel
23/05/2010, Agra (Leipzig): Alien Sex Fiend
23/05/2010, Anker (Leipzig): Neon, The Essence, The Sun and the Moon, The Wounded
24/05/2010, Moritzbastei (Leipzig): Joe Black
24/05/2010, Parkbühne (Leipzig): Gitane Demone, Kommunity FK
Madre del Vizio in Halle
13/06/2009, VL (Halle): Madre del Vizio, Raum 41
Gitane Demone in Berlin
04/04/2009, Magnet Club (Berlin): Gitane Demone, Madre del Vizio
Drop Dead Festival
08/10/2008 - 12/10/2008
08/10/2008, Hula Hula Bar (Almada): Birth!, The Deadfly Ensemble
09/10/2008, Hula Hula Bar (Almada): Cinema Strange, Frustration, Madre del Vizio, Phantom Vision, Scarlet and the Spooky Spiders, Zombie Zex
10/10/2008, Santiago Alquimista (Lisbon): Din Glorious, Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons
11/10/2008, Tuatara (Lisbon): Charles de Goal, Die Perlen, Los Carniceros del Norte, Mr. Manic, Squishy Squid, UK Decay, †13th Moon†
12/10/2008, Tuatara (Lisbon): Capitao Fantasma, Eyaculación Post Mortem, Lene Lovich, Les Baton Rouge, Tchiki Boum, The Cemetary Girlz