6 April 2022: Traitrs & Curren C in Bielefeld

06.04.2022: Traitrs in Bielefeld

On 6 April 2022 there was some “CanCon” at Bielefeld’s “Movie” with the postpunk duo TRAITRS from Toronto. Shawn and Sean presented their latest album “Horses in the Abattoir” and stopped here on their tour.
As support band ALICE GIFT had been announced, but they had to cancel for health reasons. A replacement was found with CURREN C, who were able to play a convincing indie rock set.
TRAITRS themselves as always played a great show, with old and new tracks, and made it very clear that the pandemic could not diminish their will to play live.


TRAITRS aren’t a currently “hip” band for no reason, because their gigs are always worth going. And the “Movie” is a fitting location for that – more please!



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