27 January 2018: Whiskey and Rye in Braunschweig

27.10.2018: Whiskey and Ryie in Braunschweig

On 27th January 2018 it was time for a little change of style compared to the gigs I usually go to, because WHISKEY AND RYE had been announced to play at Harry’s Bierhaus.

The Irish Folk duo from Hannover was able to delight the audience with obvious jy of playing and a nice selection of songs. If the people would have had their way, the gig would pretty surely have lasted a while longer.

Conclusion: Irish Folk is fun, and when it is delivered in a good way, it will be a great night. The only thing that have made it any better would have been Guinness 😉


Video Playlist (5 Videos):


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Updated: Sunday January 28th, 2018 — 16:42