17 November 2017: Cold Beat Berlin with undertheskin & Then Comes Silence

17.11.2017: Cold Beat Berlin mit Then Comes Silence & undertheskinOn 17th November 2017, the very recommendable COLD BEAT BERLIN event series presented once again a gig with two top-notch bands at the Slaughterhouse Berlin in Moabit.

UNDERTHESKIN from Poland I had seen twice already this year, and in my opinion, the trio is one of the most interesting bands within the new school of Post Punk.

THEN COMES SILENCE from Sweden weren’t new for me either, and even though their style is a bit more “oldschool” their music is never boring or a mere copy.

Conclusion: Once more, a nice band selection in a cool location, organised by friendly people. Keep it up!


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Updated: Wednesday November 29th, 2017 — 21:07