14 October 2017: Whispering Sons, Second Still & Zwarte Poëzie in Amsterdam

Whispering Sons, Second Still & Zwarte Poëzie in Amsterdam

On 14 October 2017 ULTRASOUND presented a very interesting triple package at OCCII in Amsterdam – interesting enough for me to make my way to the Netherlands.

ZWARTE POËZIE from Utracht started the evening. Their sound is Darkwave/Goth with Dutch lyrics, including sone well-made covers of originally German songs. My favourites were “Lichaam” (original song “Körper” by E-Herd) and “De Laatste Dagen” (“Die letzten Tage” by Drahtkur).

The middle was held by SECOND STILL, just as in Berlin the previous week, with yet another cracking set. And the audience obviously liked it.

Headliner were the fantastic WHISPERING SONS, and there is little I can write about them that I haven’t already written before… Another high-energy concert, and the new songs make appetite for more. This young band’s potential is amazing!

Conclusion: 3 great bands in a nice location – this is surely worth a 24-hour trip!


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Updated: Tuesday October 17th, 2017 — 19:33