17th April 2021: Love Still Remains Livestream

17.04.2021: Love Still Remains Livestream

Obscura Undead will be hosting a Tribute to the Life and Legacy of ANGELS OF LIBERTY’s Voe Saint-Clare. Featuring many DJs from around the world contributing.

Donations and proceeds will go to Voe’s family.

This event will be taking place only on Twitch!


(Times in CEST / UTC+1)
18:00 DJ Azy (Obscura Undead)
18:45 DJ HATE Mior
19:30 Yami Spechie
20:15 SilentOrder (GeisterWelt Nights)
21:00 DJ Rickbats
21:45 Cyberpagan
22:30 DJ Thamona
23:15 Mortasha Kinski
00:00 martin oldgoth
00:45 DJ Cinis (Obscura Undead)
01:30 Vamp Daddy (Obscura Undead)
02:15 DJ Kangal
03:00 DJ Xiola
03:45 Marlen Moysidou (GeisterWelt Nights)
04:30 DJ Night Terror
05:15 DJ Wyntre Mysteria
06:00 DJ Detra (The Sisters of Mondays)
06:45 DJ Mary Millions (The Sisters of Mondays)
07:30 DJ Slave Zero
08:15 DJ Chat Noir
09:00 DJ Gomez (Dead Souls Gothic Lounge)
09:45 Naggaroth (Dead Souls Gothic Lounge)
10:30 Scary Lady Sarah
11:15 Sean Templar (Red Party NYC)

Start: 17th April 2021 at 18:00 (CEST).

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Timetable graph for different timezones

Love Still Remains Timetable


Datum/Zeit: Saturday, 17.04.2021, 18:00


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