3 March 2018: Burning Beats at Nexus Braunschweig

03.03.2018: Burning Beats Braunschweig

For everyone who misses the Silver Club, Pleasure Park, and other related events in Braunschweig, there is a new event series starting in March 2018! The RILLE ELF team takes their wild ride through genres and decades to a new level as a proper club night at the Nexus.

The RILLE ELF DJs are well known in and around Braunschweig, since they have taken care of the sound not only at the Silver Club, but also with Fanclub Soundsystem at the Haifischbar, at Outsider-Party, messthetics, and Zweiraumparty at B58, at the “Jugendkirche”, at the original “Indie-Ü-30-Party” at the Nexus, and of course together with their events “Tanztee im Tegtmeyer” and “Ball im Bierhaus”.

The night starts at 22:00, admission is free and the drink prices are low.


Datum/Zeit: Saturday, 03.03.2018, 22:00

Veranstaltungsort: Nexus • Frankfurter Straße 253 • 38122 Braunschweig

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