1 November 2021: Bleib Modern & M!R!M in Hannover

01.11.2021: Bleib Modern in Hannover

After what felt like an eternity, on 1st November 2021 there was finally a gig at Hannover’s Café Glocksee again.

The evening started with M!R!M, the london-based project of the Italian musician Jack Milwaukee, live augmented with a keyboarder. Sailing the straits of the new wave of postpunk, they delivered a great mix of faster and slower tracks not only from their latest album “The Visionary”, with a great atmosphere.

Headliners this night were BLEIB MODERN from Berlin. Their emotional, melancholic indie/postpunk tunes caught on quickly, and the audience demanded more at the end.


Two great bands back at the venue where I’m usually DJing every two months – it felt so good to be back there again!


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