12 October 2021: Twin Tribes & Isla Ola in Oberhausen

12.10.2021: Twin Tribes & Isla Ola in Oberhausen

On October 12th, the Texan duo TWIN TRIBES performed at Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen on their first European tour. The Dortmund band ISLA OLA acted as support.

ISLA OLA performed their set as usual with a lot of skmoke and sparse light, which fit the songs quite well, and if nothing else then the earworm “Nebelmond” made the audience (which was rather big for a weekday evening) dance. The dark voice of singer Jesmari with lyrics in German and English, in cobination with the sounds of keyboardist Stefan, weaves a dense soundscape that really gets the mood across.

TWIN TRIBES belong to the fortunately quite large number of promising young bands and have been able to significantly expand their fanbase lately. Their set was very well received from the start. Singer / guitarist Luis and bassist Joel played a nice cross-section of their work so far and were not allowed to leave the stage without an encore. Nice guitar sounds, expressive bass lines and the vocals made for a nice atmosphere.


Two great young bands that proved once again that not only the “scene dinosaurs” can deliver fantastic gigs.


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