7th August 2021: Naturata Brutalismus in Berlin

07.08.2021: Naturata Brutalismus in Berlin

My first gig after a forced 11 month break was something special: on 7th August 2021, NATURATA BRUTALISMUS played their debut gig in Berlin in a Kreuzberg backyard, a private event with strict entrance rules – only who could show a current test or vaccination certificate was allowed in. Contrary to the Berlin U-Bahn, where the usual party people in general don’t mind any rules, I felt quite safe and good at the gig.

Now to the gig itself: it was fantastic! The trio around singer Emilio, who is from Ecuador and also plays bass in FRANK THE BAPTIST, played not only the 10 songs of their self-titled first album, but also four new tracks, and this a hi-energy and exciting way. Emilio’s style of singing fits the Spanish lyrics perfectly, and the band of guitar and bass delivered the sound to the audience with the adequate energy.

Conclusion: We will hear and see more of this band! Keep up the good work!


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