26 June 2017: Murder at the Registry in Berlin

On 26 June, Braunschweig’s flagship Goth/Indie band, MURDER AT THE REGISTRY, played one of their not-too-frequent gigs, this time at a nice club called “Schokoladen” in Berlin.

Rather unusual for Berlin was the early start at 8:00 pm, but since the gig had to be over by 10:00 pm there was no other way. The gig itself was a mix of old and new songs, starting with “oldies” like “Wo bin ich?” all the way to tracks from the latest album “Notsorry”. The band’s lineup is stable for several years now and seems to work well – the chemistry on stage was there. So the audience got into the groove quite soon and started to move.

Conclusion: a brilliant gig again of a great band that unfortunately plays far too rarely. More!


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Updated: Tuesday June 27th, 2017 — 19:26
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