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18.01.2019: Kabinett Konträr in Hannover
Playlist: Kabinett Konträr – Café Glocksee Hannover, 18 January 2019
The setlist of the 11th Kabinett Konträr at Café Glocksee Hannover on 2nd November 2018- with Kabinett Konträr DJs. Read more.
24.12.2018: Schwarze Weihnacht in Leipzig
Playlist: Schwarzes Leipzig Tanzt (Schwarze Weihnacht) – Moritzbastei Leipzig, 24 December 2018
The setlist of the Schwarzes Leipzig Tanzt (Schwarze Weihnacht) at Moritzbastei Leipzig on 24th December 2018. Read more.
21.12.2018: 15. Ball im Bierhaus Braunschweig
Playlist: 15th Ball im Bierhaus – Harry’s Bierhaus Braunschweig, 21 December 2018
The setlist of the 15th Ball in Harry's Bierhaus in Braunschweig on 21st December 2018 - with the RILLE ELF Read more.
Cyberpagan's Mixcloud Podcast
Mixcloud Podcast #6
DJ Cyberpagan's Mixcloud Podcast Vol. 6 Read more.

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