31 May 2020: Sunday in Isolation #11 Livestream

31.05.2020: Sunday in Isolation #11 Livestream

Since it’s best to stay inside for the moment, I will try to provide some tunes to make the Sunday afternoon a bit less boring.

This time it will be a GARY NUMAN special (with Tubeway Army, Dramatis, related bands and some covers).

Start: 31st May 2020 at 16:00 (CEST).

Facebook Event
Audio stream on livesets.com
Video stream on Twitch


Datum/Zeit: Sunday, 31.05.2020, 16:00 - 21:00

Veranstaltungsort: Mixcloud Live • https://www.mixcloud.com/live/djcyberpagan/ • ---

Map Unavailable


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