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Here I list all the gigs I have visited – with the search field the list can be filtered by a band, and in the events the title is linked to the respective photo gallery.

933 Bands, 517 Events

Top 10

  1. Frank the Baptist (20)
  2. The Last Cry (19)
  3. Golden Apes (18)
  4. Twisted Nerve (15)
  5. Bloody Dead and Sexy (15)
  6. Skeletal Family (13)
  7. The Cold (13)
  8. Traitrs (12)
  9. Aeon Sable (12)
  10. Whispering Sons (12)

Event list for Ritual Howls

All Gigs

03/06/2022 - 06/06/2022
03/06/2022, Täubchenthal (Leipzig): Children on Stun, Funhouse, Grundeis, Nosferatu
04/06/2022, Bundesverband verwaiste Eltern in Deutschland e.V. (Leipzig): Spinne am Abend
04/06/2022, Haus Leipzig (Leipzig): The Names, Whispering Sons
04/06/2022, Täubchenthal (Leipzig): 13th Chime, Totenwald, Twisted Nerve
05/06/2022, Volkspalast (Leipzig): And Also the Trees, Bedless Bones, Blacklist, Hapax, I'm Your Stalker, Ritual Howls, Soft Kill
06/06/2022, Haus Leipzig (Leipzig): Kite, Linea Aspera, S Y Z Y G Y X
06/06/2022, Westbad (Leipzig): New Days Delay
02/06/2017 - 05/06/2017
02/06/2017, Felsenkeller (Leipzig): Aeon Sable, BFG, Skeletal Family, Whispering Sons, Wires & Lights
03/06/2017, Altes Landratsamt (Leipzig): Klimt 1918, Nicole Sabouné
03/06/2017, Stadtbad (Leipzig): The Agnes Circle
03/06/2017, Täubchenthal (Leipzig): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Sex Gang Children
04/06/2017, Agra (Leipzig): Skinny Puppy, The Mission
04/06/2017, Volkspalast (Leipzig): Bleib Modern, Desperate Journalist, Lea Porcelain, Ritual Howls, Soft Kill, Whispering Sons
05/06/2017, Altes Landratsamt (Leipzig): B-Movie, Drab Majesty, Holygram, Klez.e, Vain Warr