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Here I list all the gigs I have visited – with the search field the list can be filtered by a band, and in the events the title is linked to the respective photo gallery.

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Top 10

  1. Frank the Baptist (20)
  2. The Last Cry (19)
  3. Golden Apes (18)
  4. Twisted Nerve (15)
  5. Bloody Dead and Sexy (15)
  6. Skeletal Family (13)
  7. The Cold (13)
  8. Traitrs (12)
  9. Aeon Sable (12)
  10. Whispering Sons (12)

Event list for Bloody Dead and Sexy

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WGT 2023
25/05/2023 - 30/05/2023
26/05/2023, Täubchenthal (Leipzig): Aeon Sable, BFG, Corpus Delicti, Rosegarden Funeral Party, Skeletal Family
27/05/2023, Täubchenthal (Leipzig): 1919, Bloody Dead and Sexy, Frank the Baptist, Lucas Lanthier, The March Violets
28/05/2023, Volkspalast (Leipzig): Antipole, Bootblacks, Je t'Aime, Stranger and Lovers, The KVB, Traitrs, Vlure
29/05/2023, Agra (Leipzig): The Mission
29/05/2023, Haus Leipzig (Leipzig): A Place to Bury Strangers, Forever Grey, Harsh Symmetry, Ploho
XIII. Století in Prague
05/03/2022, Palác Akropolis (Prague): Bloody Dead and Sexy, XIII. Století
Minicave Festival
21/09/2018 - 22/09/2018
21/09/2018, Triptychon (Münster): Gertrud Stein, Guerre Froide, Rio Goldhammer, She Pleasures Herself, Then Comes Silence
22/09/2018, Triptychon (Münster): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Causa de Muerte, Dear Deer, Le Prince Harry, Lifeless Past, Zwarte Poëzie
Sabotage Noir
11/11/2017, King's Castle (Spenge): Ben Bloodygrave, Bloody Dead and Sexy, Zwarte Poëzie
02/06/2017 - 05/06/2017
02/06/2017, Felsenkeller (Leipzig): Aeon Sable, BFG, Skeletal Family, Whispering Sons, Wires & Lights
03/06/2017, Altes Landratsamt (Leipzig): Klimt 1918, Nicole Sabouné
03/06/2017, Stadtbad (Leipzig): The Agnes Circle
03/06/2017, Täubchenthal (Leipzig): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Sex Gang Children
04/06/2017, Agra (Leipzig): Skinny Puppy, The Mission
04/06/2017, Volkspalast (Leipzig): Bleib Modern, Desperate Journalist, Lea Porcelain, Ritual Howls, Soft Kill, Whispering Sons
05/06/2017, Altes Landratsamt (Leipzig): B-Movie, Drab Majesty, Holygram, Klez.e, Vain Warr
Dark Spring Festival
10/03/2012, SO36 (Berlin): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Die Art, Golden Apes, The Eternal Fall, XIII. Století
Chameleons Vox in Witten
17/12/2011, Werk-Stadt (Witten): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Chameleons Vox, The Arch
Shadowplay Festival
24/07/2011, XPO (Kortrijk): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Clan of Xymox, Cranes, Peter Hook & The Light, Ulterior
21/05/2010 - 24/05/2010
21/05/2010, Alte Damenhandschuhfabrik (Leipzig): Monozid, Red Zebra, Siiiii
21/05/2010, Volkspalast (Leipzig): Mona Mur & En Esch
22/05/2010, Felsenkeller (Leipzig): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Christ vs. Warhol, Los Carniceros del Norte, Madre del Vizio, Sex Gang Children, The Bollock Brothers, Twisted Nerve
22/05/2010, Werk 2 (Leipzig): Gene Loves Jezebel
23/05/2010, Agra (Leipzig): Alien Sex Fiend
23/05/2010, Anker (Leipzig): Neon, The Essence, The Sun and the Moon, The Wounded
24/05/2010, Moritzbastei (Leipzig): Joe Black
24/05/2010, Parkbühne (Leipzig): Gitane Demone, Kommunity FK
Under Cover of Darkness Festival
19/09/2008 - 20/09/2008
19/09/2008, Triptychon (Münster): Ausgang, Bloody Dead and Sexy, New Days Delay
20/09/2008, Triptychon (Münster): Bakterielle Infektion, Charles de Goal, Red Zebra, Reptyle
Bloody Dead and Sexy in Halle
13/09/2008, VL (Halle): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Golden Apes
Ice Age Festival
04/11/2006, Reduit (Mainz): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Joy Disaster, Raum 41, The Cold
13/05/2005 - 16/05/2005
13/05/2005, Parkbühne (Leipzig): And Also the Trees
14/05/2005, Werk 2 (Leipzig): Bloody Dead and Sexy, Scary Bitches, Sleeping Children, The Last Days of Jesus
15/05/2005, Agra (Leipzig): Eva O.
16/05/2005, Parkbühne (Leipzig): Frank the Baptist, Skeletal Family
26/09/2003 - 27/09/2003
26/09/2003, Burg Rabenstein (Raben (Fläming)): Andi Sexgang, Bloody Dead and Sexy, Faith and the Muse, Tears of Mystigma, Zadera
27/09/2003, Burg Rabenstein (Raben (Fläming)): Cassiopeia, Formfleisch, Scream Silence, The Last Dance
Bloody Dead and Sexy in Dessau
23/11/2002, Beat-Club (Dessau): Bloody Dead and Sexy