07 July 2018: Owls’n’Bats Festival in Detmold

07.07.2018: Owls'n'Bats Festival in Detmold

On 7th July 2018, a great lineup played at OWLS’N’BATS FESTIVAL, enjoying brilliant Summer weather.

SWEET ERMENGARDE started off the festival. A little strange to see them in bright daylight and without guitarist Mike York who had left the band, but with a replacement drummer – they managed to deliver a pretty good show though and made an excellent opener.

Up next were Canadian high-fliers TRAITRS. Sean and Shawn had just come in and been awake for about 30 hours – but this didn’t diminish their energy. The band definitely is a tip to see live!

THE FOREIGN RESORT completed the first half of the festival. The Danes at the brink between Goth and Indie Rock simply make you want to move – so hardly anyone in the audience was able to stand still after a couple of minutes.

New for me was LAURA CARBONE, wo together with her band delivered a top notch and emotional show that you could style-wise perhaps file under “Dark Singer / Songwriter”, although for this simple drawer it rocked too much at times. What’s for sure is: I liked it!

Back to good friends, because I had seen ASH CODE.. .well, “a couple of” times… The sun started to hide behind the trees, and the three members of the Belluccio family gave once again a taste of their musical creations.

Always a highlight, and no exception this time – this about sums up the gig by SKELETAL FAMILY. I know hardly any other band that obviously has so much fun on stage and emits such a lot of power. And all this in a very likeable way – you just have to love them 🙂

The bands were followed by a club night with DJane Sally Shadowplay and DJ Aubi, where I danced more than I had done in quite a while – thanks again for that!

Conclusion: 6 great bands, gorgeous location, great party – see you again next year!


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Updated: Wednesday October 10th, 2018 — 23:22